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Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further, it has been because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. We work together with great partners to boost and improve together the ecosystem.

We work together for mutual admiration, trust and respect, we share visions and interests. This makes MODULOR Ventures the most ambitious long-term project of our lives.

Since 2017 we have been creating and investing in companies.

+ 90 people making our ventures grow everyday.

+ 300 products designed and launched among many different industries and companies.

Jorge Lana

Co-founder and Managing partner

Danny Saltaren

Co-founder and Product partner

André Mendes

Co-founder and Creative partner

Salvador Serrano

Co-founder and Operations partner

Diego Méndez

Partner Tech

Simón Negrete

Partner Tech

Rosa Jiménez Cano

Partner Comms

Partners of our investees
Sergio Álvarez Leiva

Product & Strategy Advisory

Gonzalo Recio

Product & Strategy Advisory

Alejandro Bernardo

Co-founder & NoCodeHackers Founder


We collaborate with companies that share the same level of demand and excellence as we do. Here is a list of our best collaborators: together we have worked for the most cutting-edge companies in Spain and abroad.

This network of friends allows us to go for bigger projects or share potential clients with each other.

Work with us


We carefully select each member of the team, for us cultural fit is everything together with expectations where we are obsessed with aligning individual objectives with the company's objective. Every member of the team is a brand ambassador.

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